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So...I'm finally joining this seemingly god-forsaken community...yup.

What do you people talk about in regards to anime? I've gotten bored and only read through March or whatnot.. Anime Boston coming up.. GITS...yea yea.

So I'm new, and I wanna know about the people in this community! ^_^

So if you'll just do this in comment form, it could probably spur a conversation...
Damn...we can't discuss hentai...shucks.


1. Favorite Anime? Why?
2. Do you like Jpop, Jrock? If so, favorite singers/bands?
3. Have you seen the manga section in Borders? Damn improvement, yes?
4. Are you a yaoi/yuri/slash in general fan? If so do you like hentai and are keeping it a secret?
5. Do you read/write fanfics or draw fanart? Can I see??
6. Are you going to Anime Boston? Are you cosplaying? As who?

cool. that should get some shit going if anyone still looks at this community...I think we need some new colors...a cooler community pic (no offense of course..I mean, who doesn't like Sailor Moon?) I expect at least wasdwasd and yohkochan to comment...*shakes fist*
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