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New England Anime

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Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
9:32 pm - Event some of you maybe interested in

Hello everyone and hopefully posting this here is ok. Someone suggested I make this community aware of this event. Either way have a great day ;)

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
1:29 pm

yo, whats going on everyone? not a lot here.

i've been a member here for a while, but i barely know any of you.

so heres a little bit about myself

Name: Cody Cent

Age: 15

Loc: Nashua, NH

Fav. Anime Series: I have a lot, but Im into a lot of the sci fi/drama/action type ones, such as neon genesis evangelion, hellsing, gto, cowboy bebop, and more. but im always willing to watch new series as well.

Music: i listen to everything, im in a hardcore band (www.myspace.com/breakloose), but my current playlist consists mostly of integrity, cro-mags, guns up!, madball, the wrongside, new found glory, set your goals, ten yard fight, shoot ya wounded (my boys www.myspace.com/shootyawounded), over the top (my brother toms band www.myspace.com/overthetop) and more.

Hobbie: Playing guitar, writing music, listening to music, skateboarding, hanging out with friends, reading manga, reading in general, rapping, and more.

Tell a little about yourselves now!

Im in an anime fanclub type thing called "Anime Night 603", what it is, every couple of weeks one person gets a whole series (or season) on dvd, then all the bro's just go over someones house, watch it, discuss it, and just hang out. were looking for more people, so if you live in or near nashua, drop a comment.

check out my livejournal or myspace if you want to talk, i have AIM as well.

AIM - ProveMeWrongXXX
LJ - users/you_dragmedown
Myspace - www.myspace.com/codythestampede
Band - www.myspace.com/breakloose

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Saturday, May 14th, 2005
8:49 pm

Hi everyone!! *^_^*

OK, I have a couple odd questions....What's with the Venus colours? And why is the community icon Nephrite? I mean, no offence, I LOVE Sailor Moon....but it just seems odd. And the colours kinda hurt my eyes after a bit, any chance they could get toned down?

Anyhow....I'm an anime addict....I've seen a number of different things, but not NEARLY all that I want to see! I also LOVE J-pop/J-rock/just about any kind of music in Japanese....especially anything by Hayashibara Megumi!! *^_^*
I have a TON of manga....and I LOVE watching anime....I couldn't make it to AB, because I had no money and no ride (and 'cause the jerk I'd been kinda going out with dumped me the Monday before, so I was kinda upset). So far the only convention I've been to was Mikkakan, back in '01. I still remember Shingo and Baka getting yelled at for biking there (it was like 2 miles from my house) without telling anybody. Of course, I didn't get really into anime in general until that autumn, when I went to college, and suddenly had access to a LOT more stuff. Pre-college, I'd been just a Sailor Moon addict, and content to watch dubs. Once I got to college, I got into Ranma, and learned the wonders of watching stuff the way it was originally written. *^_^* Now....I can't stand the English dub version of Sailor Moon! (My littlest brother watches it all the time.)

Anyhow....um....I think I got way off topic! ~_~* Sorry.....

Ja ne, Minna-san! *^_^*

current mood: cheerful

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
11:07 am

am i the only one who's pissed about 'one piece'
being translated and shown on the family channel?
i just started seeing the original episodes,
and now they want to translate it.
i probly won't even get to see the rest of
the later episodes and movies now
that they're all licensed and stuff.
and the fact that they've put it
in such a crappy block of programs
makes me sad.
damn the family channel!

current mood: pissed off

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Monday, January 17th, 2005
12:37 pm - its cody

hey everyone,

its been awhile since anyones posted. i wish we had more to talk about but i see where its hard to keep it going weekly. i havent seen much good anime in a while, with the exception of ghost in the shell 2: innocence. im going to finish purchasing the neon genesis evangelion dvd sets, then once im finished start the getbackers. my friend yutaro says the getbackers is amazing, anyone else here seen it? i got battle royale on dvd this week, i've watched it twice, and its fantastic. so while i was at borders i saw that they have the manga series for it! so im going to start reading those as well. i hear that theres a battle royale 2 out on dvd already? if there is, does anyone know where i can get it?


current mood: energetic

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
8:30 pm - Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

So Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence came out Tuesday. It was definitely a worthy sequel. Whether it was as good as the original I haven't decided yet. Has anyone else seen it? what did you think?

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Monday, October 11th, 2004
12:36 am - wOOt.

So...I'm finally joining this seemingly god-forsaken community...yup.

What do you people talk about in regards to anime? I've gotten bored and only read through March or whatnot.. Anime Boston coming up.. GITS...yea yea.

So I'm new, and I wanna know about the people in this community! ^_^

So if you'll just do this in comment form, it could probably spur a conversation...
Damn...we can't discuss hentai...shucks.


1. Favorite Anime? Why?
2. Do you like Jpop, Jrock? If so, favorite singers/bands?
3. Have you seen the manga section in Borders? Damn improvement, yes?
4. Are you a yaoi/yuri/slash in general fan? If so do you like hentai and are keeping it a secret?
5. Do you read/write fanfics or draw fanart? Can I see??
6. Are you going to Anime Boston? Are you cosplaying? As who?

cool. that should get some shit going if anyone still looks at this community...I think we need some new colors...a cooler community pic (no offense of course..I mean, who doesn't like Sailor Moon?) Yea...so I expect at least wasdwasd and yohkochan to comment...*shakes fist*

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Saturday, September 25th, 2004
1:39 pm

so is this community dead again or...what?

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Monday, September 13th, 2004
3:51 pm

Just a little not for those unaware Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence is being realeased in theaters stateside September 17, this friday. I was curious about what everyone thinks and if anyone knew of any local screenings.

current mood: excited

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Saturday, September 4th, 2004
4:19 pm

For the Against Me! Subcommittee:

Saturday October 23rd

City/Country/Venue: Allston, MA @ Jackson Mann
Ticket Price:$10 in advance $10 at the door
Time: Doors at 7:30pm Show at 8pm
Other Bands: The Blood Brothers and True North
Other Info:
Street Address: 500 Cambridge ST

I dunno if I'll be going to this one, since Jackson Mann is where I got my teeth kicked in, so...

current mood: blah

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Saturday, August 28th, 2004
11:29 pm

Well i just got Stand Alone Complex and while not quite as good as GITS it was pretty good...and it's not a sequel.

Also, where there is a subset of Against Me! fans in this community i figured, even though this is off topic, i'd let everyone know that "our beloved President Bush"(/sarcasm) is going to be at Nashua High North on Monday. Anyone care to join me in protest?

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
1:16 pm

i've officially started my quest.
im out to watch the whole n.g.evangelion series.
im buying the dvds.
i have collection 0:1
with the next source of income i get
im buying all the dvds.

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Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
11:29 am - second post today

maybe im the only one who wasnt informed on this. or even maybe im the only one who is finding this humorous
but i dont ever remember n.g.e being a videogame for N64!


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11:17 am

yeah so todays my birthday. yesterday i got 20 bucks from my aunt. so me and some friends went to gamestop. the nashua gamestops have a really good selection of used anime on dvd. originally i went to target. and i saw akira for 15.99. i was like, wow, i want that. but i saw cowboy bebop sessions for 20.00. so i thought, damn, gamestop must have those, and for cheaper. so i looked in gamestop. but i found the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION DIRECTORS CUT OF RESSURECTION. i almost pissed my self. you know how much it cost. 10.00!, perfect condition also. so i got that.

what should i have bought?



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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
8:42 pm - Litmus Test


This is, subconsciously, a little test.  But I also want to share this awesome pic my friends did for me as a graduation present:

Ain't it rad?  It's the best present I've ever gotten, and it was worked on very hard by two friends of mine I never get to see anymore.  It currently resides on my ceiling, which is the greatest place for anything to be, really.

Now, the question at hand:  Anyone recognize it? :)

current mood: curious

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10:42 am

I was bored and a tad curious. Have most of you here seen FLCL? And if so what was your opinion of it. I've found people tend to either love it or hate it.

current mood: bored

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
2:13 pm

hello fellow anime community.

i made this little quiz because im bored.

favorite anime (tv):
favorite anime (movie):
favorite character:
favorite episode of cowboy bebop:
favorite episode of (your favorite tv):
yes or no to the live-action dbz movie in progress:

eh, yeah.

whens anime boston.

if its coming up, is anyone going?


has anyone seen ghost in the shell : stand alone complex yet?

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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
9:42 pm

first topic:

for anyone who has comcast. you know on demand has the anime network. for any fans of n.g. evangelion, they had episodes 1-2. and now they have 3-4. they also have episodes 9-12 of colorful. and much more. its really great with on demand where you have the vcr like controls.

second topic:

anyone (most likely you have) watched the movie "ghost-in-the-shell." if you have, most say (as do I) it is an excellent movie. very very good. released a few weeks ago was its sequel, titled, "ghost in the shell : stand alone complex." it seems like it may be good. it was very unexpected amongst anime fans. i havent purchased it yet, but if anyone has seen it, please drop a comment, reviews are helpful.

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9:06 pm - Anime Boston

Hey just curious where most of you are from southern NH if anyone knew anything about Rivier's Anime Club because i read the screenings were open to the public but i couldn't find out much info on it. Also, is anyone planning on going to Anime Boston?

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Monday, August 9th, 2004
12:28 pm

hey, i just joined this. i've been an anime fan for a long time now. japanese culture just intrigues me alot. im from NH. anyone else?

how come no one posts here anymore?

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