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its cody

hey everyone,

its been awhile since anyones posted. i wish we had more to talk about but i see where its hard to keep it going weekly. i havent seen much good anime in a while, with the exception of ghost in the shell 2: innocence. im going to finish purchasing the neon genesis evangelion dvd sets, then once im finished start the getbackers. my friend yutaro says the getbackers is amazing, anyone else here seen it? i got battle royale on dvd this week, i've watched it twice, and its fantastic. so while i was at borders i saw that they have the manga series for it! so im going to start reading those as well. i hear that theres a battle royale 2 out on dvd already? if there is, does anyone know where i can get it?

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As far as I know, BR2 is not out on DVD yet. But if I see it around, I'll definitely keep you informed.
thanks bro.