wasdwasd (wasdwasd) wrote in newenglandanime,

Anime Boston

Hey just curious where most of you are from southern NH if anyone knew anything about Rivier's Anime Club because i read the screenings were open to the public but i couldn't find out much info on it. Also, is anyone planning on going to Anime Boston?
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there official site is here: http://www.rivier.edu/students/kgorman/anime/ don't know if you've checked that out yet. They'll probably update and put new events up when the school year gets rolling. Where in southern NH are you from?
Thanks for the link. I'm from nashua, you?
im thinking about going to anime boston if i can get/some one will give me a ride. You going?
I'm hoping to go at least one of the days
Anime Boston is moving somewhere bigger I think, so I get to go next year. :D I went the first year and it was crowded as hell.

Of course, it was peanuts compared to Otakon, but Otakon had MUCH MUCH MORE space.
I'm hoping to go, but, knowing my luck, that probably won't happen.
A good number of us are from Merrimack. I know I am.

As for Anime Boston - Probably not me. Inferno > Anime, so if W/IFS has a show, I'm'a no-go.
From what I've heard (friends at DWC who used to go to Anime Night at Riv) the Riv anime club isn't worth it. Going to River college at ALL isn't worth it. *recalling the story her friends told of getting stuck in the building*